5 Stars Technology We are experts at creating custom business software solutions to meet your unique needs.
Our solutions can work on all popular computing platforms - Web, tablets, smartphones and PC's.


At 5 Stars Technology we offer the full range of service from the initial software solution design to its implementation on your production environment or on our own web hosting facility. We adapt the development process to each customer's needs, budget, requirements and time constraints.

& Analysis.

We sit down with you and help you determine how to best address your business needs.

We can identify specific technologies that may best help you in reaching your goals.

We want to understand your business requirements so we can document these requirements into the project specifications and track how well we have been able to reach them.

In the end, we can help you translate your business requirements into technical requirements so they can be properly addressed by the custom software solution that we will create for you.

Software Development.

Properly engineering a solution is a vital part of a successful software project.

We will find the middle ground that best fits your requirements while keeping the project within your budget and time constraints.

We create computer software solutions that flexible. This is not apparent to our customers (unless they can read programming code) but when they see how quickly and efficiently we add new features and improvements, they become very happy indeed.

& Monitoring.

Once a project is completed, we will work with you and your team in order to fully implement the new software solution in your infrastructure or on your preferred hosting provide. We work closely with you to make sure that it meets your business requirements for scalability, reliablity and data protection.

We can monitor, administrate and manage the new software solution in order to make sure that it is always operating optimally at all times. Or we can train members of your staff so you can keep total control of your business.

Our goal is to make sure that you and your business always feel safe and comfortable with the solutions we create for you.

At the end of the project, 5 Stars Technology can remain with you as long as you like during the lifetime of your project. We can help monitor your solution and help you perform improvements as new requirements are discovered.

We are a full-service partner that is committed to your project success and your ongoing business success!