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MVC Reports

This product is geared for developers and software engineers that use the Microsoft MVC platform.

MVC provides a lot of great functionalities and capabilities - but provides little reporting options (unless you decide to embrace server controls and webform pages.)

We have created a simple, but powerful reporting solution built specifically for MVC. It uses jQuery and works with either EF or LINQ-to-SQL. It is also compatible with unit-testing and TDD.

MVC reports allows developers to transform simple SQL query statements into dynamic reports that users can consume and customize by allowing them to:
  • Enter parameter values to execute SQL statements
  • Show/Hide columns
  • Select sort column and sort order
  • Filter results
  • Export results to Excel
  • Print the results
If you are interested in this solution, please call us to discuss how we can offer you this solution for your next (or ongoing) MVC project.