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konnect'd for Law Firms

There are hundreds of solutions available today to create a business website ...
- but none of them are specifically geared towards the needs of a law firm website.

All popular website authoring platforms (such as WordPress, Joomla, etc.) require that you spend time and money developing specific functionality in order to address your unique needs and requirements as a law firm.

konnect'd for Law Firms is a vertical market website authoring solution that targets the specific needs of mid-to-large law firms. It includes everything that a law firm needs - nothing is missing and there is nothing you need to build.

konnect'd for Law Firms can be fully customized to fit your specific marketing and business needs. If you wish to include additional features that are specific to your law firm, we can develop these features as per your requirements. Our platform allows for fast development of new features and capabilities.

You can find out more about konnect'd for Law Firms by visiting our product website at:

The first professional and versatile website authoring solution for the law firm market!