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Frequently Asked Questions - New Customers


We usually work directly with customers as a business partner or as an additional resource to their business. We will creatie a project estimate based on the requirements that are available on the project start. We bill our customer only for the time we spend on their specific project and we provide them daily (or weekly) feedback on our progress and results. Our customers can stop the project at any time if they are unhappy with the current results or progress of the project since there is no long term commitment, or binding contracts for further payments.

This approach allows us to quickly adapt to any changing requirements a customer may have thus allowing us to provide them with the fastest and most responsive service we can offer.


Yes, but we prefer not to and we don't recommend this approach.

A software project can be difficult to estimate. In order to provide an accurate fixed cost quote on a software project, we must work directly with the customer to gather all of the project requirements and design a blue print of the entire solution with as much detail as possible. This step must be completed for us to determine exactly how long (and how many hours) it will take for us to complete your project.
* The initial cost of gathering requirements, brainstorming and designing a blueprint of your new software solution would have to be billed separately and done on an hourly basis.

Once we are done with this phase of the project, you own the complete design and blueprint of your software solution. At this point we can provide you an fixed price for completing this entire solution or you can choose to get quotes from other vendors.

The biggest drawback with fixed project pricing is that the project cost was determined based on the requirements defined early on at the beginning of the project so the software requirements are locked and cannot be easily changes.

If a customer realizes that they need change the requirements of their software after the project has been started, it will need to undergo a change evaluation process. Every change to the project requirements must be evaluated in order to determine if the change will increase/decrease the quoted cost of the project.

This means that every change on the project will require that we spend time re-evaluating time and cost estimates instead on simply focusing on incorporating these changes into the project as quickly as possible.