5 Stars Technology We are experts at creating custom business software solutions to meet your unique needs.
Our solutions can work on all popular computing platforms - Web, tablets, smartphones and PC's.

Our Expertise

We are fanatical at staying current with the latest technological advancements. We continously study new ideas from the more established companies that drive the technology market (Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc.) and the more younger technology companies and projects that have changed the landscape of software engineering in the last few years (like jQuery, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

Studying is great - but there is definately nothing like experience - and we have loads of it. We are always grabbing the latest technologies, practices and ideas and putting them into new projects. This helps us solidify what we have learned and allow us to bring hand-on experience to our customer's projects.

Architecture & Engineering

Designing software is a very creative process. Every project has unique requirements in regards to budget, reliability, security, scalability and reachability. Once we sit down with a customer and understand their business goals, we know how to best determine the software architecture that best addresses their needs.

We have experience developing software using the following architecture approaches:
  • N-Tier Software Architecture
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Best Practices

While technology may provide the vehicle to create good software, it is imperative to have well-structured habits in software engineering and development. We are always improving our processes in order to bring our customers the most benefits from our software building efforts.

We have a lot experience in the following software building practices:

  • Agile Development
  • Test-Driven Development (TDD)
  • Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)
  • Continious Integration (CI)